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I feel like a whole new me...


I’m sleeping like a baby at night when before I would toss and turn with anxiety. My whole world has transformed all because I committed to taking care of myself for once. The funny thing is my kids are seeing me thrive and I know that’s more meaningful to them than having a spotless house. I’m so excited that on top of everything I’ve lost some stubborn weight that I just assumed was there to stay. Thank you so much for creating such an easy to follow detox program, these strategies will stick with me for life.


- Whitney Laslow


Absolutely the best...

This was my first ever detox and I didn’t know what to expect. A part of me felt silly for even doing something like this, but I was desperate to start feeling better. I can’t believe how easy it was after just a few days my cravings were gone and I was starting to feel refreshed and lighter. One of the biggest things I noticed is my skin, I’ve always had trouble skin and this program cleared it right up. I’m sticking with a lot of the principles on eating that I learned in this program and the recipes are going to inspire me for years to come.


- Cassie Kingston



I’ve never seen myself change so much in such a short period of time. It’s incredible how effortless is was to do this detox and I STILL lost 7lbs and have more energy than ever. The emotional detox tools were especially helpful. I know I was holding on to a lot of heavy and unnecessary baggage and now I feel totally free from that and ready to live life to the fullest.


- Amanda Thompson