Create Your Signature Program

Multiple Your Impact and Power Up Your Profits

A novel to-you Program that sets up you as a LEADER in your market, catches your UNIQUE PROCESS in an utilized arrangement, and permits you to serve MORE PEOPLE, profit, and fabricate YOUR PLATFORM.

Recently there's been a considerable measure of discuss "mark this" and "mark that" … however what does it truly mean?

Signature Programs – REAL Signature Programs – are made by Trailblazers who lead the path with their own particular novel techniques and offers.

Your Signature Program is your collection of work that speaks to you and all your very much sharpened astuteness and experience. It enlivens your extraordinary abilities, information and endowments in a way that liberates you up to serve more individuals without yielding quality outcomes or constraining you to fit into a one-estimate fits-all arrangement that channels you of your inventiveness, innovativeness or certainty.

Your Signature Program serves as the foundation of your business, building up your mastery, expanding your wage and increasing your effect. With a Signature Program set up in your business, you have a stage from which future thoughts, openings and offerings can spring forward.

Is it true that you are prepared to get known for something remarkably your own?

You need to be viewed as a pioneer in your market – and on the off chance that you need to lead, you know you require an extraordinary perspective with a mark offering to coordinate.

You have that free thinker, pioneer edge about you. You like emerging and being perceived for it. You don't care for doing what every other person is doing (despite the fact that you've most likely attempted it and thought that it was depleted you – sincerely and fiscally).

You aren't yet KNOWN for something particular and interestingly your own. You've assembled a taking after, and your business by making a move on your thoughts. Yet, now you might be seen (or feel like) a handyman, or have such a variety of offerings and layers that even you can't keep it all straight!

Inventiveness and Vision are two of your best attributes. You have extraordinary thoughts—and heaps of them–but some way or another they don't wind up being the cash creators or change-specialists they could. What's more, you're not exactly beyond any doubt how to recognize gainful thoughts from the channels.

You've encountered the "Promoting Muddle" – you've attempted such a variety of various individuals' methodologies that now you aren't clear your identity, what you do and why you are one of a kind… and you are baffled since you know this is keeping you down.

The customers and the general population you serve continually let you know what a distinction you've made for them and how transformational your function is. What's more, in all honesty, you're tired and tired of being the best kept mystery (particularly when other people who don't convey close to the outcomes you do appear to get saw and known)

On the off chance that any of that sounds well known to you or you found yourself gesturing your head as you read the rundown, then you are certainly in the opportune place.

Hi I'm Katherine Ness. I am the healers business coach.

I'm a Business Coach and Consultant, yet what I truly do makes change at a much more profound level. I flourish with helping you find what makes you unmistakable – distinguishing the trails you are bursting and precisely how you do it – and after that supporting you to make astoundingly special and selective items and projects that serve your group of onlookers (and you) in the most ideal ways imaginable.

I unite many years of experience creating modified projects for Fortune 500 organizations, solopreneurs, independent companies and colleges with demonstrated separation learning and program plan methods to help business pioneers simply like you make extraordinary and particular offerings that position YOU as a perceived market pioneer.

Whether you will likely make a Signature Program that at long last unites every one of the bits of your work, adds 5 or 6 figures to your main concern, or to manufacture a group of raving fans, or to touch more lives while as yet having room schedule-wise to experience your own, having an intense Signature Program will give you the stage to make the greater part of that conceivable.

Your Signature Program will empower you to influence your time and ability, get your work known by a more extensive gathering of people, assemble a group of raving fans, touch more lives, and develop your notoriety for being a main master.

Making Your Signature Program will:

Uplevel your OWN diversion… calling you forward to stand tall and have the effect that, somewhere inside, you know can make. You'll feel more satisfied, and start accomplishing significantly more than you suspected yourself prepared to do. Consider it framework for Trailblazers!

Attract more perfect customers to you. Simply the way toward making your Signature Program will convey such gem clarity to your message and process, you'll be sharing your ability in a way that attracts individuals to you since they need precisely what it is you offer.

Make more cash in less time. When you can unhesitatingly serve more individuals and still convey fantastic outcomes, your notoriety manufactures. Referrals are sent your direction. Long haul connections create. What's more, your salary develops nearly as though on auto-pilot (Almost… there is work you need to do. What's more, I'll demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to really influence your program to make the expansive influence of income and results.)

Manufacture your validity and increment your perceivability. Having a one of a kind mark Program will get you perceived for your authority and message. Openings you never at any point knew were conceivable will begin coming in the entryway since you have a reasonable AND certain message individuals can't avoid sharing!

Bring every one of the bits of your cooperate. Your Signature Program goes about as a binding together compel in your business. It can comprehend all the different thoughts, offers and aptitude you convey to the table. No additionally feeling pulling in such a large number of headings or remaining lost in the place that is known for 'generalist'.

Make long haul maintainability for your business. Your Signature Program POSITIONS you on the planet and serves as the PLATFORM from which you can develop and grow your business impact. You are not simply making a program, you are building an ASSET in the business that increments in esteem and opens up pay openings now and long into what's to come. (There are not very many things you can put resources into that have this sort of long haul result in today's business atmosphere)

Give you the outline for effectively – and rapidly – propelling different items and projects later on. Once you've made your Signature Program, and perceived how normally it meets up, you'll have the capacity to make more items or projects as required just by taking after the well ordered process.

Sounds extraordinary, isn't that so? You're likely considering: "So all you must do is assembled a program, choose the amount to charge individuals, and afterward motivate individuals to join, right?"


As you probably are aware from the past projects or items you've made and after that propelled with a frustrating result, it's difficult to transform prospects into paying customers. It's difficult to realize what individuals truly need and will put resources into. It's hard to deal with all your substance, thoughts and ability and truly center in around the high result openings. Furthermore, it can be a genuine test to make sense of how to convey RESULTS when you make the jump into more influence. You can rapidly get to be distinctly incapacitated by every one of the conceivable outcomes and decisions—from what amount is an excess of substance, to finding the correct approach to convey it, to knowing the amount to charge… and your program never serves a solitary customer.

In the event that you don't comprehend what you're doing, you can EASILY squander many hours, worth a huge number of dollars, on making a program that doesn't engage your intended interest group, and afterward showcasing that program, which is bound to tumble.

Trust me, you're not the only one.

Thinking of the correct Signature Program that separates you is no more drawn out only for the "huge folks", it's a Business Essential for all intents and purposes any administration based business.

In any case, it's lone the start. You additionally need to:

Focus in on the correct target gathering of people that requirements what you're putting forth – and knows they require it – and afterward convey your offering in a way that talks straightforwardly to their fantasies and cravings so their choice turns into a simple "Yes!"

Make a program that fits the Master Plan for your business. It needs to fit your identity, and additionally your plan of action, and it completely MUST give an approach to program-customers to step into turning out to be long haul customers.

Catch YOU and your 'mystery sauce. Your program needs to set up your particular perspective and showcase your uniqueness. What you make must feel like home to you AND those you are intended to serve… anything less basically isn't justified regardless of your time or ability.

Experience your guarantee! You should outline and convey your program in a way that for all intents and purposes ensures accomplishment for your customers. The exact opposite thing you need to do is offer a program that doesn't awe or more awful—doesn't convey what it guarantees. When you experience your guarantee, you make fans forever that can't quit discussing you.

You may have attempted this some time recently. You may have even attempted another person's strategy for making a mark program. Also, on the off chance that you didn't get the outcomes you expected, you presumably wound up imagining that making a mark program simply wouldn't work for you.

I hear that all the time – and it makes me insane!

Since truly, most "make your item" programs don't cover every one of the means… they abandon you all alone to fill in the missing pieces. They forget basic parts that have the effect between a program that conveys and one that disillusions. They don't help you express YOUR one of a kind perspective. What's more, they don't address your stuck spots, fears and convictions that might act as a burden.

Possibly you think your work is excessively instinctive or natural, making it impossible to separate into a procedure, so there's no real way to transform it into a "framework". Perhaps you think you have such a variety of thoughts you don't know which one to stay with – and in what manner will you go from that mentality to making a dynamic, content-rich yet engaged program?

Yes, perhaps you've had a go at making a program before – yet have you taken a stab at making a program MY direction?

There are particular, exceptionally basic things you should do – and a great many people avoid these means either on the grounds that they don't think about them or don't understand their significance.

There are heaps of business building specialists who will let you know that you NEED an exceptional program or framework in your business. However, not very many individuals educate what I instruct, which is the ENTIRE framework, from pre-origination to post-execution, for arranging, displaying and benefitting from a particular program that holds customers returning for additional.

I show all of you the intricate details of completing it, including:

A framework for assessing and selecting the most noteworthy effect thoughts for this program and any future program (and anticipating thought perplexity and imaginative turn from backing you off).

Plan and conveyance methods that essentially ensure accomplishment for your customers and rave surveys for you

The most effective method to outline an aggregate customer "encounter"— from pre-enlistment completely through program completion–that significantly expands customer results and helps you beat regular difficulties that can wreck program achievement

Particular systems to convey your program so you influence your time and gifts while amplifying the esteem and effect your customers get.

Clear and redid program dispatch and enlistment methodologies that get the consideration and enthusiasm of your optimal customers and guarantee they're prepared to profit completely from your program.

The most effective method to get the inward certainty to bundle and market your work in another organization since you've guaranteed your program catches your "enchantment" and is consistent with your main goal, qualities and vision.

It is completely basic you take in each and every part of making an extraordinary program. On the off chance that you don't, you'll presumably never observe the result you need to see, as far as effect OR as far as money related development.

You already have the makings of a Signature Program sitting in your business at this moment. You're now getting outcomes with customers and somewhere inside you know you have the pieces for a greater, more persuasive business. It's a great opportunity to unite them into a brought together and particular offer.

That is the thing that you get when you take in my ENTIRE framework for making an overpowering Signature Program in view of your vision, your enthusiasm and your qualities. You bring your ability and unmistakable gifts and I give the well ordered direction and procedure to at last force it all together.

Make Your Signature Program

Increase Your Impact and Power Up Your Profits

Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to get your endowments and brightness in the hands of the general population who require it most?

This is what you'll do amid "Make Your Signature Program: Multiply Your Impact and Power Up Your Profits"

Step 1: Create Your Signature Program Blueprint to Showcase Your Unique Brilliance.

Everything begins here—with a strong system and plan. Your Signature Program Blueprint gives you the clarity and structure to move from 'considering' making a program to really doing it. However shockingly this is the progression most business visionaries skip or oppose—and that sets them up for wheel turning and battle! Your outline will guarantee you showcase your unmistakable aptitude so you stand separated from every other person offering comparative administrations. You will clear up the correct results your customers can anticipate from your program and outline everything else from that point—including the promoting, the estimating, the conveyance organization and the sky is the limit from there.

Amid this module you will:

Keep away from the most well-known error most business visionaries make while making another program

Get clear on the particular results your customers will get from your program and how to impart it in a way they will discover compelling

Focus on the fitting perfect customers who are prepared for the change you give and see the esteem

Choose how you'll position this program in your general plan of action so there is a smooth and consistent move from your Signature Program to different offers you have

Prepare for viable enlistment in your program

Guarantee your program catches your remarkable "Mark Advantage" and completely influences your time and abilities

Step 2: Develop Your System So You Can Confidently and Consistently Deliver Amazing Results

Bundling the greater part of your insight and substance into a program can in some cases appear to be overpowering. You would prefer not to over-burden your customers—or forget any of your awesome bits of knowledge and skill. In this module you'll take in the key to sorting out your material in a reasonable, engaged and justifiable way so your customers not just 'get it'— they do it! All things considered, results are what your work is about. Miss this progression and you're probably going to leave your group of onlookers confounded, overpowered, disappointed and improbable to work with you once more.

Amid this module you will:

Deal with all the data and splendor in your mind, and transform it into an improved structure or process your customers can apply and actualize in their lives for reliable outcomes

Make a consistent stream of substance rich strides to lead your customers through

Select the most noteworthy effect substance to accomplish the program objectives you've set

Choose the correct pacing for your program to amplify your customer's capacity to actualize what you're instructing

Arrange your substance into convincing course materials your customers will rave about


Step 4: Present Your Program Like a Pro

This is the piece that will build up your reputation faster than almost whatever else you do. Since You're Signature Program is about more than essentially getting content in the hands of heaps of people. It's about making a viable EXPERIENCE that produces authentic and persevering results for your clients.

It's about making something momentous—that you're satisfied to put your name on. Additionally, as to making a total client experience, the seemingly insignificant details can have a BIG impact. This module walks you through the route toward arranging an issue your clients will love—from selection totally through to fulfillment and execution. Additionally, when they value what you offer, they'll be fans—and referrers—until the end of time.

In the midst of this module you will:

Make sense of how to apply the "Oversee of 3" to arrange a program experience that keeps clients focused, all things considered, and making progress all through

Arrange your enrollment methodology and set program approaches that update the practicality and constrain of your program

Select the right mix of movement procedures, exercises, resources and gadgets to ensure an extraordinary trial that passes on transformational occurs.

Diagram the scripts, plans, and materials that make your program genuinely shimmer for example of incredible, regard driven substance

Purposely select the benefit prizes to redesign the program and make it super-speaking to your ideal clients

elect the right mix of movement procedures, exercises, resources and gadgets to ensure an extraordinary trial that passes on transformational occurs.

Diagram the scripts, plans, and materials that make your program genuinely shimmer for example of incredible, regard driven substance

Purposely select the benefit prizes to redesign the program and make it super-speaking to your ideal clients

Step 3: Deliver a “Knock Their Socks Off” Experience and Turn Clients Into Fans for Life

This is the piece that will grow your reputation faster than almost anything else you do.  Because You’re Signature Program is about more than just getting content in the hands of lots of people. It’s about creating a powerful EXPERIENCE that produces real and lasting results for your clients.

It’s about creating something unique—that you’re proud to put your name on. And when it comes to creating a total client experience, the small things can make a BIG impact. This module walks you through the process of designing an experience your clients will love—from enrollment all the way through to completion and implementation. And when they love what you offer, they’ll be fans—and referrers—for life.

During this module you will:

  • Learn how to apply the “Rule of 3” to design a program experience that keeps clients focused, in action and making progress throughout
  • Design your enrollment process and set program policies that enhance the effectiveness and power of your program
  • Select the right mix of delivery methods, exercises, resources and tools to ensure a powerful experience that delivers transformational results.
  • Design the scripts, checklists, and materials that make your program really shine as an example of high quality, value-driven content
  • Strategically select the right bonuses to enhance the program and make it super-attractive to your ideal clients

Bonus #1: “Hot or Not? How to Discover Your Hot Selling Signature Idea”

Before we bounce into the stray pieces of outlining your program, we need to ensure you have a triumphant thought—one that catches you're special "Mystery Sauce" and gives an "answer" your customers are prepared and willing to put resources into. So I've put my demonstrated framework into an exceptional reward module to help you select the most noteworthy effect thought for your Signature Program.

Amid this module you will:

Take the greater part of your innovative thoughts and motivation and run them through a channel to locate the most productive and impactful thoughts

Assess and select the most noteworthy effect thought for your Signature program

Get to the heart of what's "mark" about you and your work so you can be situated as a pioneer in your market

Bonus #2: Create a Winning Launch Plan so You Fill Your Program with Ease

No matter how great your program and content are, it won’t do you any good if no one knows about them! So we’ll dedicate this BONUS module to creating your “signature” launch strategy to drive your ideal clients to your program and enroll them with ease.

This bonus includes:

  • Launch Plan Playbook.  Past program clients have said this playbook is worth the price of admission alone as it helps you pinpoint specific promotion strategies that will work for you and your audience. The playbook contains several sample launch “blueprints” which layout the strategies, tasks and timelines to speed up your marketing and enrollment.
  • Video training to learn how to present your Signature Program using powerful language so your ideal clients can’t wait to enroll!
  • Templates to map out your customized marketing launch strategy to drive your ideal clients to your program

Bonus #3: Fast Track Your Marketing Toolkit.

I've handpicked a couple of my most loved go-to assets for you, including

($97 esteem)

($97 esteem)

I've composed this preparation to give well ordered, top to bottom guideline so you know precisely what to do AND how to do it at all times. You won't be left to wade through and make sense of it for yourself. I've put in particular techniques to guide you through the whole procedure from reigning in those imaginative considerations flying around your take to pounding off the points of interest of an arrangement expected to put up your program for sale to the public.

So here's the way will DO it:

After you select, you'll be sent a welcome to join the restrictive customer asset focus. There you'll discover the "Make Your Signature Program" framework laid out for you in a reasonable, simple to-take after arrangement alongside access to all the program benefits, including:

video 4 Video Training Modules composed in clear, simple to take after strides and conveyed to your inbox consistently. Every video lesson guides you to make the following stride during the time spent making YOUR mark program… giving you plentiful time to audit the substance rich recordings, actualize the activity steps, make inquiries, and consider new potential outcomes you hadn't considered some time recently. (Note: You get 12 months of access to these modules so you can audit them over and over, or even make another Signature Program once you've perceived how simple it is!)


checklist Easy to utilize layouts, agendas, graphs, in addition to other chose assets to accelerate your innovative procedure and finish your Signature Program quick.


facebook Access to the private, by-welcome just Facebook page where you can post questions, collaborate with different members, share your work in advance and get input from different Trailblazers who are experiencing the exceptionally same experience. Get your inquiries replied progressively as you go, get input and gain from the inquiries and encounters of different entrepreneurs in the program.


calls 6 LIVE Signature Success Q&A Coaching Calls. (Each and every other month on the fourth Thursday at 1 pm EASTERN) I for one lead these 60-75 minute recorded gathering instructing calls so you can get your inquiries replied, get criticism on your program plan and gain from the inquiries and encounters of different entrepreneurs on the call. On these calls I'll work with you to calibrate your program configuration, make a move to fill your new program, address program conveyance addresses and recognize any missed chances to make your program genuinely wonderful.


directory My Signature Program Resource Directory. You'll access my Signature Program Resources Rolodex, loaded with every one of the assets you have to make an effective Signature Program. These are the assets my customers and I utilize and adore. This will spare you additional time, cash and cerebral pains than you can envision.

Furthermore, will give you three AWESOME rewards that will help you legitimately advance and benefit from your Signature Program:

Reward # 1: Hot or Not? Instructions to Discover Your Hot Selling Signature Idea

Reward #2: Create a Winning Signature Program Launch.

Reward #3: Fast Track Your Marketing Toolkit.

Focusing on making your Signature Program is only that – a pledge. A promise to your business. A promise to yourself. What's more, a guarantee to the huge vision you are living into.

So I need to ensure this program is appropriate for you… and I just need you to sign on in the event that it is. I imply that.

Along these lines, if…

You're ready to focus on dealing with your Signature Program reliably and see it through to fulfillment… and experience the excite of seeing it fill

You're willing to be conclusive (notwithstanding when you're not certain), look for bolster when you stall out, and remain in real life toward your objective to dispatch a Signature Program

You're prepared, willing and even energized at the possibility of extending of your usual range of familiarity, attempting new methodologies and yes, making flawed move

You truly get the estimation of having a Signature Program as a foundation in your administration based business and know you are passing up a major opportunity by not having one. What's more, you're amped up for getting yours up and running – as quickly as time permits!

You have enough involvement in your business to know who you truly appreciate working with and what they esteem in you… and you need a simple approach to guarantee THOSE are the sort of customers who break through to you

You know you have a great deal to offer yet don't know how to structure everything in a way that bodes well (and profits!)

I'd love to bolster you through Create Your Signature Program.

So now you know whether this is appropriate for you. What's more, you're likely pondering what this will cost you. (Obviously, any Trailblazing Business Owner takes a gander at this as a venture, not a cost.)

I'm an entrepreneur, a business person simply as are you. So I'm not going to request that you pay an over the top cost.

The data you'll pick up amid this program will enable you to make a huge number of dollars over and over, for whatever length of time that you are good to go.

This one time interest later on of your business comes at a reasonable rate of just $447.

Furthermore, on the grounds that I know overseeing income is critical, notwithstanding for experienced business visionaries, I need to make this simple on you. So I've made the Easy-5-Pay Option to bolster you in settling on the correct choice for your business.

Try not to stress – I won't continue forever, contrasting that one-time installment with the repeating cost of snacks out or favor espressos cakes each morning on your drive to work.

You're good to go: figure it out. You'll see that in the event that you burn through $447 for this program, and afterward close only 3 to 4 deals at the $200-$300 value go, you'll have more than paid for your speculation.

All the more practically, however, you'll be putting forth your program at $500 to $1000 per customer, so you'll twofold your speculation with 1 or 2 deals.

I don't need to state any more – this equitable bodes well.

Also, for the more avid (or out and out restless!) business visionary, there's a Fast Path choice to help you Create Your Signature Program much more rapidly so you can begin receiving the benefits considerably sooner.

Anyway, would you say you are prepared to FINALLY venture into your authority part as a Trailblazer… see your vision acknowledged… and AT LONG LAST have the Effect and the INCOME know is workable for you?

Click here to save your space.


YES! I'm prepared to Create MY Signature Program…

12 months Access to Shawn's "Make Your Signature Program" framework, which incorporates 4 well ordered video modules-conveyed each week – to help me arrange, plan and present my own beneficial mark program

LIVE training support in the Six live Signature Success Group Coaching and Q&A calls, in addition to recordings of the considerable number of calls

Simple to utilize formats, agendas, outlines and chose assets to accelerate my inventive procedure and finish my Signature Program quick

Access to a private Facebook bunch where I can get my continuous inquiries replied by Shawn, interface with different members, and get the support and responsibility I have to remain on track.

In addition, these exceptional rewards:

Hot or Not? Instructions to Discover Your Hot Selling Signature Idea

Making a Winning Signature Launch

Quick Track Your Marketing Toolkit

$447 Full Pay

Simple 5 Pay Option: 5 installments of $97**

Installments handled at regular intervals. We'll prepare your request on secure servers.

** Paypal is acknowledged for full-installment as it were.


Put Me on the FAST PATH to Create MY Signature Program!

*Space is limited for this option. 
In addition to everything available in Create Your Signature Program, you also get…
  • Instant Access to Shawn’s ENTIRE“Create Your Signature Program”system, which includes all 4 step by step video modules to help me plan, prepare and present my own profitable signature program (no waiting between modules…work at your own ‘accelerated’ pace)
  • A Private 50 minute Signature System strategy session with Shawn to map out your signature system at the start of the process
  • A Private 50 minute Program Promotion Planning session with Shawn to plan your program launch
  • Three Email coaching check ins with Shawn to keep you on track, get your questions answered and get your program completed

 $997 Full Pay

Easy 3 Pay Option: 3 payments of $347**

Payments processed every 30 days. We’ll process your order on secure servers.
** Paypal is accepted for full-payment only.

14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident you’ll see the value in what you learn during “Create Your Signature Program: Multiply Your Impact and Power Up Your Profits” that I will give you your money back if you don’t. I know that if you follow the system you will unlock your signature idea, get it into a system and package it into a program that will give you and your clients what you want. But if you get started with the course and find it won’t work for you, you can have your money back. My only request is that you take the first 14 days to really immerse yourself in the valuable content and APPLY the process to REALLY decide if it’s for you… and if you find it’s just not working for you, let me know by the end of the 30 days to get a full refund. 100%!

I totally LOVE supporting enthusiastic, mission-disapproved, Trailblazing business visionaries like you in making Signature Programs that influence your endowments and permit you to contact more individuals and profit (and have a fabulous time doing it!).

Still Have Questions? Not certain which way is ideal for you?

How about we talk. Send me an email to ask for an opportunity to talk. We'll set an opportunity to get on the telephone for a couple of minutes and I'll help you deal with which alternative or next stride is ideal for you.

Lead an existence of distinction,


P.S. Being definitive is a standout amongst the most essential characteristics in being effective. So don't put this choice off to consider later. You are a business pioneer and a do-er. Hell, you're a Trailblazer! That is a piece of what makes you exceptional. Enroll now.

P.P.S. Keep in mind, on the off chance that you give this your everything and consider it important, you don't have anything to lose. You'll recover your speculation in the wake of running one Signature Program with only a couple of offers. Also, truly, I'll set you up to bring a bigger number of deals to a close than you can envision. Save your space now.