Signature Program Cultivation

Each healer has their own unique style and toolbox for helping others. We work with you on the organization, layout, progression to generate the results your patients are looking for and the impact you crave.


Representing your voice, style and unique brand, we create the programs in 2 months with thorough coaching, cultivating and the technical facilitation skills.


Understanding the best methods to get people access to your awesome work, our goal is to reach people where they live- at home on the internet or mobile on-the-go. We know in order to make a difference you have to reach people when they need it most, at the crux of the habits and decisions to make the improvements. Now you have an even greater reach and passive income leaving you free to grow your practice even more!


Our 6 step module workshop will help craft your offer and turn it into a beautiful master piece you can sell over and over again. Being able to adjust when needed, you have everything you will need to run the campaign as many times as you would like.

4 Part Creation Process To A Wildly Successful Healing Practice

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DigitallyFacilitated Health and Digital Marketing

Create results oriented programs and portals to share across the web for your people. We'll help you market the content.

Design / Branding Examples


Digital Marketing

Everything from building your website, SEO, social media, emails, sales funnels, landing pages, and implementing your custom marketing strategy together we will launch your program and support your success.


Your Custom Signature Program

Through our extensive creation process, we define, craft and shape your program from your abilities, gifts, and natural health interests. Our team is excellent at bringing out the inherent qualities you possess and turning them into a beautifully designed, easy to follow program for your patients.

Administered through online courses, (e)books, email or dropbox, you provide the content and we create the program.


Marketing Coaching and Consulting

Between software programs that manage all your facebook posts, programs to develop your ads, manage your projects and referrals, utilizing lists, automation, community and promotional events, and cost/effectiveness of coordinating it all, marketing can be confusing. Let us simplify your methods and help you know exactly what actions you need to take, what services to promote and what works best for your practice. Doing the right thing, at the right time and place is the key to marketing. With simple action steps you will see patients and your bottom line tripling in as little as 1 month.

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Our Services

Healing Circle Consulting specializes in all types of online marketing and web design. We can handle most tasks in-house, but if needed, we have a huge network of talented people that we can take in on short notice.

We take great pride in knowing our clients really well. So, before any project starts we do a very in-depth research of your practice, products, services and of course, the competition. Knowing our clients 100%, we can come up with design and a business strategy to take you anywhere you want to go. When your project is done, you know exactly what to expect and how to compete online.

Defining Your Niche

You may have been in practice for awhile or just starting out, either way, getting clear on the solution you are presenting in your supplmental program pays dividens. 

Social Media and Blogging

We work with you to understand your style and create custom facebook, instagram, and twitter media to nuture your audience. With blogg templates, design layouts and scheduling you will have all your content ready before you launch. 


Crafting Your Offer

No matter the medium, email, portal, or cloud shared platforms, we design and create the content into organized, "busy-lifestyle" accessable media.  

Generating Clients/Marketing

From Direct Outreach to Ad Campaigns, we have a systematic apporach to getting you business. We teach you want you need to know and then we handle the rest. 


Website and SEO

We create and host your wordpress website and handle all the SEO to get you found. Our work is google responsive for any device and security protected. Our marketing tactics track and drive traffic to your site with a custom tailored plan.  

Launching, Running and Scaling Your Program

With pre and post launch checklists, a gameplan, and tracking, this system will get you going. We help skyrocket your practice with these administered  programs. Create an impact beyond your reach!

More Options

Signature Program

  • Custom Design Feature
  • Organization and Facilitation Feature
  • Automated Business Practices Feature

Signature Program + Digital Marketing

$2,900 per month
  • Signature Healing Program Feature
  • Launch and/or Automation Feature
  • Custome Strategic Campaigns Feature

Signature Program + Digital Marketing + Coaching

$5,999 per month
  • Custom Signature Healing Program Feature
  • Business Launch Feature
  • Strategic Marketing Campaigns Feature
  • Coaching Feature

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