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Eat Your Way Healthy Through The Holiday Season

By Katherine | Dec 14, 2016

Eat Your Way Healthy Through the Holiday Season   The holidays are often when everyone gets all worried about the sweet and savoury indulgences that will no doubt grace every holiday table. It becomes a time where often you give yourself permission to let loose and eat whatever, and then new year’s rolls around and…

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Owning Your Gifts

By Katherine | Nov 14, 2016

Often times, healers can feel they must keep their gifts quiet or question weather they exist at all. There is this nagging voice that forces them to continue developing and practicing even amoungst that doubt. Faced with the notion that they must have a certification or degree to prove to society they are truly a…

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The Rise Of Digital Marketing

By Katherine | Oct 16, 2016

Blogging is no longer drawn out the picture books of explorers or high school young ladies with a considerable measure of sentiments – it’s likewise a valuable business driver! Truth be told, content advertising is currently an entire industry in itself, with numerous advanced showcasing organizations offering their customers the chance to have web journals…

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