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Katherine Ness

Founder & CEO

Digital Marketing Consultant. Wellness Entreprenuer.

Transformational Coach. Creator of the Kinetics Movement.


Edith Ann

Video Design and Editing


Sarah Wright

Manager and Accounting


Rachel Hicks

SEO and Advertising

Heal The World

One Person At A Time

My name is Katherine Ness and I am the founder of Healing Circle Consulting. I've spent the last 10 years coming full circle. Finding myself with mental, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual dis-eases, exhausting all health practices, I went on a 7-week vision quest, fasting on water and bone broth. It resulted in a radical miracle of health and healing. Going on to run successful marketing companies and working with holistic wellness practices from 2006 on, I started Healing Circle Consulting as a way to make healthy communities around the world. The internet is our method to span time and space to reach every individual. Deeply influenced by First Nations, alignment philosophies, and quantum physics I aim to turn the tide away from dangerous drugs and permanently damaging surgeries. This is why we are creating global accessibility to practitioners like you, in order to truly heal the whole world.

About Us

No matter where you are in your journey and how far you have to go, you have to begin somewhere. We use a thorough connection to provide precise service and create a positive healthy tribe to align with purpose and honest communication. Started by Katherine Ness as a way to bridge the healthcare gap and empower communities to love health. In a globalized world, more people do not need access to healthcare. They need to find the true healer within themselves. Within everyone. We want to nurture your success in the smartest way we can. This is why we believe that the 'done for you' and 'done with you' aspect is important. The sooner we can get you a thriving practice, teaching and enabling others to own their health, the healthier our communities will be.

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