Owning Your Gifts

Often times, healers can feel they must keep their gifts quiet or question weather they exist at all. There is this nagging voice that forces them to continue developing and practicing even amoungst that doubt. Faced with the notion that they must have a certification or degree to prove to society they are truly a healer and have these gifts. When there are no degrees or teachers available, the journey of a healer can feel pretty blind.


Pitching others that you can help them becomes a cunning linguists dance of touch and go. If there are others like them, they will find each other online or through small pools of people but there are layers and layers of channels a healer must work through to clarify their talents into a thriving business.


It is a quest in and of itself to get clear, organized processes to give your services to the world. Since most healers use a surge of tools orchestrated together and running a business requires a lot of work, building programs ready to go, with adjustable pieces and deliverability means you can grow faster and reach more people.


The more people you help and heal, the better your practice and everyones lives. I’m not saying its easy- Im saying it’s worth it.