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Our mission is to increase public awareness about true health; that within each person is the ability to be your own doctor. Its going to take a tribe of skilled healers and teachers to do that. By building a community at Healing Circle, designed to produce and promote holistic providers that are globally accessible through the internet, we will help each person own their health.

We use systematic coaching to help healers like you create content and offers that extend through the digital media. We combine this with our consulting in business and leading digital marketing technology, leverage over a decade’s worth of marketing intelligence, and give you a team of dedicated experts who partner with you for success. All so you can get more students.

For the wellness practitioners, self-help gurus, and manifesting healers who want to create a world aligned with holistic performance and lifelong connection, we want to empower you, the practitioner, so that you can help your people on the journey toward a better, healthier and happier life.

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Create Programs

Create popular wellness programs and membership sites that get results. Staying ahead of the game with your new promotion or offer. Customization, we help you design and implement programs and packages for all your client needs. Taking into account, learning styles, momentum and all the criteria to reach the greatest audiences, we involve gamification, take home pieces, date feedback, custom materials, and incentives that matter.

Digital Solutions

Generate new clients with our digital marketing solutions. Creating innovative, memorable experiences that connect your clients, we use technology to leverage time and make you more passive income. Everything from websites, SEO, to landing pages, lead conversion tactics. Our goal is to optimize the best strategies to market your practice to create the most effective bridge toward community health.


We help you design, integrate and implement leading programs and marketing technologies, connecting customers to brands, allowing practices to grow and compete with every advantage. We work with you to transform your healing gifts into holistic wellness curriculums and membership portals so the public can see real, measurable results. We understand the journey to define your programs and packages is transformational in itself so we use coaching to draw out the natural talent within you.

We are an organic institute to elevate intuitive intelligence within tomorrows leaders aligned through scientific techniques and intentional design to establish effective solutions for our communities. We started by building one client at a time, with the purpose to serve each client as if they are our one and only. This is how loyalty is generated and cultivated. This ensures better results and outcome for everyone involved. We are here to help with the methodology you need to get there, so you can do you!

"Health is the responsibility of the individual. Each person must own their health. It is detrimental to defer to someone else, a doctor, as responsible for your health. It is the active participation and learning experience working with self and others that teaches you how to be healthy- wholly."

-Katherine Ness

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